The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Boobs of Helen Star

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“I would say I am assertive and dominant but fun-loving and happy. I am the kind of girl who knows what she likes,” said Helen Star, big sister to the boobaliciously built Erin Star. Romanian racks at their finest!

“I sleep on my tummy, boobs under me and it’s sooo relaxing. I always go topless when I’m at the beach. I don’t like to have tan lines on my boobies.”

Helen gets stared at no matter where she does or what she’s wearing. She’s one of the 1-percenters when it comes to boobs.

“Women do get jealous when they see me and Erin but that’s life. Most men turn their heads around even if they are holding their girlfriend’s hand. That’s always fun to see!”

Close friends of Mia Sweetheart, who told her XL Girls photographer about them, Helen and Erin got to meet six other buxom beauties for the movie On Location North Coast, shot in the Dominican Republic.